Our company, EnergySaving.Solutions offers a variety of solutions for businesses         that can lower your energy use and monthly expenses along with other needed business services.

Here is the list of services that Energy Saving Solutions offers:

  • LED Lighting – Retrofit and New Fixtures
  • LED Lighting Controls
  • Energy Management
  • Solar Solutions
  • Power Storage Systems
  • Security Solutions
  • Energy Rebates and Credits assistance
  • Online Store

Our mission is to help conserve resources for the future… today and to continuously provide our customers with products and technology that enhances their business operation bringing improvement to their bottom line.


EnergySaving.Solutions offers cost effective and comprehensive solutions for controlling energy costs with the most advanced systems through a network of professionals with nationwide coverage. We are able to plan, implement and ensure a reliable solution for any of your needs within the services we offer. Any credits or other savings are incorporated into our solutions for the most cost effective offering with the greatest savings and benefits for the quickest return on investment.


Energy Saving Solutions combines the leading LED, Solar / Power Storage Systems providing an extraordinary turnkey program. Energy Saving Solutions’s LED products produce instant monthly savings and our Solar Energy packages will radically reduce or eliminate your utility costs. Our Energy Storage Systems offer an extremely reliable back up system to provide continuous power should there be an power interruption from your utility provider. This is a great option to be ready for the next outage and keep your business up and running.


There are tremendous variety of benefits including utility and maintenance savings along with potential tax benefits for switching to LED Lighting, custom lighting controls for our Energy Saving LED Lighting products or Solar or Energy Storage Systems. Great savings and ROI’s and the power to give you on / off grid options.


We are up to date on the Utility Company Rebates so we can help to get you the largest savings possible. We can provide a great zero down lease purchase financing package that makes financial sense. The savings that LED and Solar Energy offers are real and substantial. Switching to these technologies can cut your utility expenses and help run your business more profitably. There is no better way to improve your business financials and help the environment at the same time.


LED Lighting along with Solar Products offer so much savings and when you consider the Power Company Rebates, Federal and State Tax Credits this makes it an incredible opportunity to reduce or eliminate your energy costs and keep your costs down as energy costs rise in the future. Check here for information about the credits for your state. We can help you qualify and secure the maximum savings potential but you should consult with a tax professional for your particular tax circumstance.


About our LED Products


Energy Saving Solutions has a diverse line of high quality LED retrofit lighting products for commercial and industrial customers. The primary focus of our business is to allow the use of the customer’s existing fixtures using a high efficiency LED retrofit and use a new fixture only if the fixture is not serviceable. We offer a full selection of sought after LED lighting solutions to retrofit virtually any High Bay, Street Light, Shoebox, Acorn / Post Top lighting along with T12 / T8 Fluorescent replacement DLC LED Tubes.


Our retrofit solutions will work in almost any existing fixture to replace virtually any HID lighting including Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium bulbs. Using existing fixtures cuts the cost significantly over new fixtures and reduces landfill. Our LED Retrofits cut energy use by about 75% and can eliminate maintenance for years and they are covered by our 5 to 10 year manufacture warranties. Most of our products are UL or DLC or Energy Star listed and many qualify for power company credits.


  • Retrofit Lighting Products:

Commercial High Output Applications for Area Lighting, Warehouses, Roadways, Parking Lots and Wall packs.


Our retrofit systems for existing High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide Fixtures are designed for full replacement of 100 watt to a 1000 watt HID while reducing your lighting cost up to 80%. Once implemented our retrofits also reduces your maintenance cost by providing a long lifespan. We offer full flexible wattage and lumen outputs that can be tailored to your lighting needs.


  • LED Downlight-Recess Light Insert:

LED Down Lights certified by UL & RoHS and Energy Star rated. Dimmable – 5 year warranty.  Exceptional 83+ CRI light while achieving over 85 lumens per watt. This breakthrough performance is achieved by combining the high efficacy and high-quality LED’s. Our LED Down Light is available in warm, nature and cool color temperatures. They are designed to easily retrofit recessed can lighting making them perfect for use in both residential and commercial applications.


  • Post Tops, Small & Specialty Lamps:  

We offer the highest performance LED with extended life spans that are all backed by up to 5 year warranty. UL, cUL, ETL and Energy Star certifications. Our wide array of 18 watt to 120 watt LED Post Top solutions can enable you to retrofit virtually any HID bulb with either a medium or mogul base.


  • LED Panels:

LED Panel Lighting is UL, CUL ,DLC certificate. Retrofit application to existing fluorescent fixtures or new architectural recessed. Dimming Available. Size: 2X2ft, 2X4ft Available. 40W or 55W for 2X2ft, 50W or 63W for 2X4ft Available. DLC CCT:4000K,5000K Available. 5 Year Warranty.


  • LED Tubes:

Our LED tubes are ideal replacements for T12, T10 and T8 fluorescent tubes. Our LED’s meet all certifications for credits DLC, ETL and UL listed. LED tubes can save up to 75% off your lighting cost and also reduces your maintenance and replacement expenses.


  • New LED Fixtures


An extensive wattage range to meet any demand for both large and small applications. From accent lighting requiring 10 watt and high security areas requiring 500 watt to over a 1000 watt. We have what you are looking for.


Commercial & Industrial LED Retrofit Alternatives.


We offer a wide range of heavy-duty fixtures with different LED wattage. These are comparable to fixtures currently using Metal Halides or HPS in 250 watt, 400 watt and 1000 watt.


  • Warranty:

We offer the best warranty programs available in the retrofit LED industry. Most of our products come with a 5 year warranty. Some residential types of LED’s have a 3 year warranty. All warranties start from the date of the sale as prescribed by the manufacturer..


  • Will A Retrofit Work For Me?

In most cases, the answer is “Yes”! If your current fixtures are still in good shape, you should consider using a retrofit. Choosing an LED Retrofit is generally 60% lower in cost than purchasing a new fixture. This also reduces the ROI.


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