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Lighting Automation LED Smart System

A state-of-the-art solution to attaining the largest reduction in energy consumption. The Smart System reduces energy consumption with LED Lighting, creates increased safety though video monitoring, and provides customizable automation through a user friendly management system.

An excellent replacement for a traditional lighting system, the Smart System creates less expense through utility and maintenance cost reductions. The system is able to fully integrate with all optional features including security cameras, CCTV, Controlled Access, Alarm Monitoring, HVAC Controls and Solar Solutions to create a seamless energy saving solution with the highest level of efficiency and convenience without additional cost.

The system is easy to install and simple to operate and maintain. We provide comprehensive support and assistance during and after your warranty period. Should you ever encounter any issues, our technical staff will step in to help resolve the issue and most issues can be solved remotely ensuring a faster resolution time.

Smart Lighting, Smart Living

Smart System




Smart System Features

1. Lighting according to the exact demand, to make LED even more efficient.

Wireless photo sensor detection that detects the change of light to regulate the dimming control. Maximizing the use of natural light and minimizing lighting energy consumption.

Warehouse Lighting Workshop Lighting

Application: Workshop, Warehouse, etc.

Automatic lighting control using PIR (micro-wave sersor) to regulate lighting efficiency based on environment variables Dims lighting when a vehicle moves away, turns off lighting when an individual leaves a room, and other similar situations.

Parking Areas Office Areas & Meeting Rooms

Application: Workshop, Meeting Room, Office Area, etc.

2. Increase the lifespan of the lamps and electrical equipment.

Automatic control collaboration enables lighting fixtures to work efficiently and to avoid unnecessary energy expense. The lifespan of a power source and emitter is then increased significantly.

Lifespan of Electrical Equipment

3. Save more energy and increase efficiency of air conditioning.

Environmental temperature detection and automatic control enables air conditioning to operate according to the user's demand. Air conditioning operates based on the results of the evaluation of the ambient temperature, then stops functioning during preset time periods when the room is not occupied.

Smart Air Conditioning

4. Save even more and increase security with high definition video monitoring.

The video recording and lighting is activated by the security alarm being triggered reducing data storage space required and reducing monitoring expense.

Video Monitoring

No Alarm Situation Mode:
Lights Turned Off or Dimmed
System in Standby Mode

Alarm Situation Mode:
Lamps On Lighting Mode
System in Active Mode / Automatically Recording

5. Easier control and more efficient management.

- Flexible Lighting Control

Sensor Automatic Control

Sensor Automatic Control

Lighting Schedule

Lighting Schedule

Remote Control

Remote Control

Network Remote Control

Network Remote Control

- Convenient Video Monitoring

Video Management

- Remote Management of Air Conditioning

Remote Management

- Fast Patrol of Equipment Working Status

Lamp 1 Normal Condition 1 close Camera 1 Normal
Lamp 2 Malfunction Condition 2 open Camera 2 Malfunction
Lamp 3 30% brightness Condition 3 close