Green Project Funding
0 Captital Expenditure

Awaken Assurance is an absolutely no risk solution, offering a trifecta of zero-debt funding, concierge service and insured warranty to eliminate all the risks typically associated with "GREEN ENERGY" projects.

  • Energy Costs Savings of up to 75%
  • Rates as low as 6¢ / kW
  • Federal Tax Credits
  • Accelerated Depreciation
  • Reliable & Maintenance Free Energy
  • Green Eco-Friendly Energy Source

Cooling, heat and power - the basics needs of any building- are brought together in one design: PowerAire.

By combining the benefits of an air conditioner, boiler, water heater and backup generator, PowerAire brings more value at a comparable cost. PowerAire provides a unique return on investment that can pay for itself in a matter of years.

No Debt No Risk No Worries


Eliminate all the risks and costs of owning "Green Energy" projects without any debt or capital expenditure. A monthly 'all in' fee replaces any purchase, debt or financing.

What Is Energy Independence as A Serviceā„¢ (EiaaS)?

EiaaS provides access to all the energy saving and cost reduction benefits of "Green Energy" projects for a monthly fee, including all maintenance, eliminating the risks, investments and cash flow issues of ownership.

One Monthly Cost - Everything Is Included.

A single monthly operating expense payment covers all the costs, including installation, repairs, ongoing service and monitoring, without any upfront cost. At the end of the term (typically five years), the project can be bought for $1.

EiaaS includes all the costs associated with the project, eg. product, controls, installation, contracting, equipment rentals, eco disposal, etc. - all itemized. This provides a single, known, budgeted monthly payment you can count on.

Cash Flow Positive and Friendly.

The monthly EiaaS fee is always set well below the savings projected for the first year, to accommodate any fluctuation in savings from the project, and to ensure you retain a portion of the savings during the term of the EiaaS. Thereafter all of the savings are entirely yours to keep.

No Debt. No CAPEX. No Cost.

EiaaS provides maintenance-free, trouble-free, cost-free Green Energy projects, without debt or CapEx. This off book financing, pure-profit service eliminates the need to revise budgets or banking arrangements.

No Deposit.

EiaaS covers all supplier deposits, up to 50% of the Green Energy project. Monthly EiaaS fee payments typically begin upon substantial completion of the installation, evidenced by your 'go ahead' signature.

Enjoy Savings from Day One.

Net savings start day one, equal to the energy and maintenance savings less the EiaaS fee. Also, you can expect tax benefits from writing off the monthly EiaaS fee. This translates to additional profit from day one.

Rebates and Tax Incentives.

All utility rebates and tax incentives are paid directly to you, or may be used to reduce the monthly fee. Awaken is often able to arrange an Abandonment Tax Benefit for the disposed product, guaranteed by a Lloyds of London policy.


The EiaaS includes all factory mandated maintenance, and all repairs, including labor. Guaranteed to improve savings further, eliminate risk, and free up your maintenance team.

For LED Lighting and HVAC Systems:

Covered by An Insurance Backed Warranty.

Awaken's unique insurance backed warranty for LED lighting, underwritten by a global underwriter, provides immediate funds to purchase new parts or fixture, and perform all de-installation and replacement labor. This ensures quick resolution, without the need for factory approval.

Preset Parts and Labor Reimbursement Coverage.

An amount is preset for every fixture or part, based on its cost, including courier, and the labor and equipment required to de-install and replace it. There is no limit to the number of incidents during the term.

No More Need for a Factory Warranty.

Awaken's insurance backed LED and HVAC warranty eliminates the need for factory approval of the eligible repair or replacement.

For Other "Green Energy" Projects:

Guaranteed Labor Enhances All Factory Warranties.

The EiaaS Agreement includes the parts and labor related to the repair of all other "Green Energy" projects where the incident is eligible for the factory warranty. All labor is provided by technicians certified by the factory.

Preset Labor Reimbursement Coverage.

Labor coverage is limited to sufficient amounts preset in the EiaaS Agreement, for every repair or replacement during the term, where the incident with the "Green Energy" project is eligible for the factory warranty.

Enhanced Factory Warranty for Other 11Green Energy" Projects.

Awaken's guaranteed labor ensures the factory is immediately aware of all facets of the warranty resolution required for the "Green Energy" projects. This serves to accelerate factory approval and accurate resolution.

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