12W Solar Portable Lights

12W Solar Portable Lights

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The 12W Solar Portable Lights are ideal for carports warehouses, temporary shelters, outdoor kiosks, camping, boats, and various other situation where a readily available energy supply is not available. The 3.4"x3.3"x23.6" light fixture is crafted from an ABS plastic housing with aluminium bars inside for efficient heat dissapation. The 40W/18V mono cell solar panel measures 26.4"x16.5"x1.3" and is capable of mounting on multiple surfaces and flexible so that it can be mounted on curved surfaces. With an IP67 rating the portable system is ideal for use outdoors in harsh weather conditions and is fully scalable with the option to add in additional panels as needed. Comes with a 2 year warranty.

Product Specifications

Wattage: 12W

Color Temperature: 3000-6000K

Lumens: 1500LM

Product Dimensions

Width: 84 in.

Height: 92 in.

Length: 600 in.

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