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Bulb Recycling Components
  • State of the art, industrial grade filtration module and high output vacuum system - for effective and efficient processing of all types of fluorescent bulbs (including mercury vapor and high pressure sodium lamps).
  • Mercury rated vacuum consists of modular canister construction and special optimum filtration system (patent pending).
  • Unit is under total negative air pressure at all critical filtration points to ensure more efficient mercury extraction - safer for operator and environment.
  • Unit will easily accommodate all lamp types of all widths and lengths (up to 12ft).
  • Special chamber to take compact, u-shape, tight-bend, and circline lamps.
  • Ultra large capacity filter bag, HEPA filter and special charcoal module insures long-life, and low maintenance.
  • Charcoal canister is rated at between 3 and 4 million lamps and method of charcoal absorption is preferred for maximum filter life and efficiency.
  • Unique, illuminated filter saturation indicator shows when filters require cleaning to insure optimum performance of the unit.
  • Drum-fill indicator to show maximum capacity has been reached, reducing drum change requirements and saving money.
  • Powerful motor, with ultra durable, tempered steel blade to crush all types of lamps.
  • Unique and safe braking motor system and open top indicator for optimum operator safety.
  • Fail-safe safety features to guard against access to moving parts and accidental start-up of machine.
  • Complies with OSHA, ACGIH, NIOSH and European Clean-air standards.
Bulb Compactor

Our Vapor Vacuum Lamp Compactor is a waste collection and compacting system and can crush any length of fluorescent bulb while effectively recovering the hazardous mercury vapors

Inexpensive Fluorescent Tube Removal
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