As a company we offer a variety of solutions for businesses that can decrease your monthly energy usage and expense, automate, montior and secure your system, and gain you valuable savings through rebates and tax credits further increasing corporate overall savings.

We offer cost effective and comprehensive solutions for controlling energy costs with the most advanced systems through a network of professionals with nationwide coverage. We are able to plan, implement and ensure a reliable solution for your company's specific needs within the wide range of services that we offer. Any credits or other savings are incorporated into our solutions for the most cost effective strategies with the greatest savings and benefits to you the consumer and ensuring the quickest return on your investment.

We combine the latest technology and energy saving products with advanced energy storage systems to provide an extraordinary range of solutions to ensure the utmost savings to our clients. Our LED products produce instant monthly savings and our Solar Energy packages will radically reduce or even eliminate your utility costs. Our energy storage systems offer an extremely reliable manner of ensuring continuous power should there be an power interruption from your utility provider. Providing you with the security that you will never suffer down time and subsequent loss due to power outages or interruptions.

We continually stay up to date on the latest utility company rebates so we can help to get you the largest savings possible. We can provide a zero down lease purchase financing package that makes financial sense and is ideal for making the transition fluid and easy on you and your company. The savings that LED and/or solar energy solutions offer are real and substantial. Switching to these technologies can cut your utility expenses and help run your business more profitably. There is no better way to improve your business financials and help the environment at the same time.

LED lighting alone or paired with solar products offer such savings and when you consider the available rebates from your power company and the federal and state tax credits you can earn. The benefits alone make this an incredible opportunity to reduce or eliminate your energy costs and keep your overhead down as energy costs rise in the future. Click here for information about the credits for your state. We will help you qualify and secure the maximum savings potential but you should consult with a tax professional for your particular tax circumstance.